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The TIDA-00151 reference design contains a PGA450-Q1 which is a system on Chip (SOC) sensor interface IC for automotive Ultrasonic sensors. It provides all signal conditioning and processing for the transducer echo signals and for calculating the distance between the transducer and objects. MCU and program memory allow for full configurability for the specific end application. Application examples are ultrasonic park assist, self parking, blind spot detection and valet parking. The design files for a small form factor board are included in this design, but thePGA450Q1EVM board was used to collect the test data.


Flexibility in transducer selection (40 kHz – 70 kHz) SoC that is highly programmable with integrated 8051 core Integrated LIN2.1 master transceiver Can be directly connected to car battery, no wide input range LDO required Load dump protection AEC Q-100

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