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This display reference design is created for a wide array of ultra-mobile and ultra-portable display applications in consumer, wearables, industrial, medical, and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. The design includes the DLP2000 chipset comprising of DLP2000 .2 nHD DMD, DLPC2607 display controller and DLPA1000 PMIC/LED driver. This reference design can be used with production ready optical engines and low-cost application processors that support 8/16/24-bit RGB parallel video interface in small-form factors.

Most affordable way for developers to incorporate DLP technology in their display applications I2C and 8/16/24-bit parallel RGB video interfaces to support virtually any low cost host processor 5V input and LED current drive up to 1A Affordable and compact PCB layout supporting nHD (DLP2000) optical engine TI Design used in theDLPDLCR2000EVMlayout

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