24Vin+/-10%, 5Vout @ 0.3A Flybuck Converter (PMP9362)

An isolated flybuck converter with self-driven synchronous rectification on the secondary side accepts an input voltage of 21.6Vin to 26.4Vin and provides an isolated output of 5Vout capable of supplying a maximum of 0.3A of current to the load.


Excellent regulation 4.9Vout ± 1.0% over entire line and load range without opto or discrete Vref No need for pre-load on isolated output, without output voltage rise at light load Improved load regulation, smaller voltage droop at heavy load LM5017 wide Vin range 7.5V to 100V Easy-to-design, cost effective Fly-Buck solution Constant On-Time control, no loop compensation required


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24Vin+/-10%, 5Vout @ 0.3A  Flybuck Converter PMP9362

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