Automotive Rear Light EMC Reference Design (TIDA-00264)

The TIDA-00264 reference design is an automative rear light EMC design. This is a direct connection to battery appllication, with a total drive of 900mA LED current. The design is implemented with 3 TPS92630-Q1 devices with fault bus connection. The TIDA-00264 will help customers use the TPS92630-Q1 to design automotive rear lights and pass EMC tests.


Min component to pass the RI and BCI test for automotive exterior lighting Verify EMC perfermance during fault bus mode This deign is sub-system and was certified for TL82166 RI and BCI level2 classA This design can be relayout and used for exterior automotive LED lighting design directly


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Automotive Rear Light EMC Reference Design TIDA-00264

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