Single Phase and DC Embedded Metering (Server Power Monitor) (TIDM-SERVER-PWR-MON)

This design implements a high accuracy single phase embedded metering application using an MSP430 MCU. This EVM has built-in support of measuring AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, voltage THD, current THD, fundamental voltage, fundamental current, fundamental power and DC voltage, DC current, DC active power. It has the ability to detect the input voltage to work as DC or AC mode. It also is equipped with the capability to compensate the effect of the wire resistance and the EMI filter capacitor so that the reading of voltage and power matches the reading of an external meter when EMI filter is connected to the as input side.


Measures active, reactive and apparent power and power factor in better than 0.5% accuracy Readings update every 4 AC cycles or 80ms Automatic reporting measurements to UART Capable of AC and DC automatic switching and measurement Capable of EMI capacitor and wire resistance compensation No separate DC calibration required


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Single Phase and DC Embedded Metering (Server Power Monitor) TIDM-SERVER-PWR-MON

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